How to Practice French Kissing: 15 Steps

When you think of “French kissing,” you probably think of some hysterically charged experiences that you pretty much forgot about once you learned about other ways to have sex. Since then, you probably haven’t given much thought to how to French kiss. Be that as it may, an exemplary make out meeting can be a private and energetic method for interfacing with your accomplice.


You are wiser, older, and have moved beyond Lunchables to charcuterie boards; you can also improve your kissing technique. Let’s start from the ground up. How to French kiss (or get better at it) is covered in this-



  1. How to Kiss in French: The First Step Make a move Make eye contact with your partner and slowly turn your head in their direction. Verify that your partner is also moving toward you or using body language to express consent.  if you’re not sure. to get verbal permission. Tenderly touch their back, their shoulder, or the rear of their head to direct them towards you.


  1. Make contact: Instead of bumping your nose, tilt your head to the side so that your lips meet. At this point, most people close their eyes, but if your partner’s eyes are closed, they won’t know. You are still safe because you will both know the other is an eye-open-kissing weirdo if their eyes are open.
  2. Start slowly and with light pressure and a lip that is closed and a little puckered. Don’t go in like you’re going to swallow them by opening your jaw. To allow the kiss to get more intense, keep your lips slightly parted.


  1. Intensify the kiss: As you kiss, open your mouth wider to allow your partner access to your tongue. To indicate that you want to add tongue to the kiss, gently sweep your tongue’s lip over their lips or slightly insert your tongue between their lips. If they respond by opening their mouth, gently and lightly use your tongue to examine their lips, tongue, and mouth.


How do you learn to kiss in French?


There really is no way to do this gracefully when practicing French kissing. It’s time to accept the weirdness. It also requires hugs!


Make a circle with your thumb and index finger on one hand to practice French kissing, then insert your opposite thumb into the circle and wrap your hands around each other. You can practice by using the “lips” that your thumbs will form. This makes it possible to feel it with your tongue and fingers, giving you a sense of how it feels at both ends.


A piece of soft fruit, such as an apricot or mango, can also be used. Practice on the hole you made by biting the fruit. Just don’t tell anyone that you’re “kissing the fruit hole,” which most likely has a horrifying UrbanDictionary definition.


You might be able to get a friend or romantic partner to practice with you. It’s fine to admit that you want to learn new skills or have limited experience in some areas. In general, human beings are also much better at providing feedback than apricots.


Choose a private and romantic location for your French kiss because it usually takes place in private. Here, we are all adults; While you’re watching Napoleon Dynamite on DVD, you don’t have to be concerned about your parents walking in. 


Don’t: Stinky Breath The garlic fries seemed like a good idea for dinner, but they’re not so good if you want to get in a relationship after. Additionally, you don’t want to frighten a sexy vampire away if you’re having an affair with them.


Do: Moisturize Your lips, not your pie, should be flaky and crusty. Make sure your lips are moist. Apply unscented chapstick if you anticipate a make-out session.


You want a kiss that will make you forget to breathe, but this is not a free-diving competition. Take little breaths through your nose to try not to weighty inhale through your mouth. Coral, look at that!


 Make use of your hands and avoid standing numb like Han Solo in carbonite. Place your hands in their hair, around their waist, or on their face.


 Use too much tongue If you want to kiss a human, you should keep your tongue and saliva mostly inside your mouth, even though some people may enjoy a slobbery kiss from a cute puppy.