Decorating with fairy lights

By incorporating glimmering fairy lights into your decor, you can brighten any room. A lot of people use twinkling fairy lights to make a room feel more cozy or to make it look like a magical fairy land. Integrating strings of pixie lights into your family stylistic layout causes any space to feel great and genial, yet adding a delicate warm shade of light. Fairy lights are the more subdued option for decorating because they are smaller and produce less light than traditional string lights. Fairy lights are a great way to decorate because of their small size and thin wire.

Take a look at these ten creative ways to use fairy lights to decorate your home.

  1. Bed Canopy Make your bed look like the night sky by draping and hanging fairy lights all around it. Placing the fairy lights behind a thick, transparent sheet of fabric is a clever way to give your cozy space a more opulent and whimsical vibe. Choose a color that is both translucent and light enough to still let the light’s hue through the sheet. When the variety is chosen, take the ideal estimations and go get some texture. Pin one edge of the sheet to the ceiling and pull it back to the wall your bed is against with thumbtacks or nails. Leave just enough space between the ceiling and fabric to string lights, though. The remainder of the fabric ought to fall against the back wall, resembling a headboard.
  2. Pixie Light Lamp

A secure method for energizing any room is with some pixie light lamps. This specific enrichment is not difficult to set aside yourself and leaves space for more artistic liberty and individual inclination. The initial step is to pick a glass container or void glass lamp. Obtaining battery-operated fairy lights and filling the jar or lantern to the top is the second step. You’re done, wala!

  1. Hanging Lights on a Picture Wall Are there any extra polaroids or picture prints in your room that have no place to go? Here is your answer! Start by securing a few glittering fairy lights to your wall in back-and-forth patterns. The next step is to use some cool-colored clothespins to hang your picture along the lights on your wall.
  2. Dangling From Steps

An interesting method for enlivening your family stylistic theme is to spruce up typically dull step rails. Even though this arrangement of lights is typically used as a Christmas decoration, it is too beautiful to not be seen throughout the year. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about one more decoration at Christmas.

  1. Forming Words Brighten your favorite word by using it. Write a short word on a string of fairy lights, secure it with wall tacks, and hang it on your wall for a sweet or inspiring word reminder.
  2. Using Fairy Lights to Frame a Mirror Wrap a string of lights around the mirror’s border to brighten up your reflection. This decoration adds a whimsical touch to every glance into the mirror and is incredibly simple to put together.
  3. Decor for the Outdoors Adding fairy lights to your outdoor decor not only gives it a rustic, chic appearance, but they also serve a useful purpose. Show your guests outside and introduce them to a well-decorated backyard or patio that shines enough light for the party to last all night if you’re hosting it in the evening and the weather is nice.
  4. By combining curtains and fairy lights, you can bring a lot of light into your space. Draped Through Sheer Curtains On the off chance that you have sheer texture as drapes, place a line of pixie lights behind them and a faint shade will radiate through. Wrap the lights around the rod or place the string in front of the curtain for a light that shines through the dark color if your curtains are made of solid-colored fabric that cannot be seen through.
  5. Hanging string lights on walls with awkward blank spaces is a great way to brighten any room. For a brighter wall accent, hang multiple strings down the wall to emit more light. String the lights around the wall’s edge if you want the color to be softer and less intrusive.