How to verify domain property ownership in Google Search Console

Recently, Google reported that Domain properties are coming to the new Google Search Console. It implies that now you will have a full image of what’s going on with all renditions of your site: https, http, m., www, non-www…


As you probably are aware, Google treats such adaptations as isolated sites. It seems OK according to a specialized perspective, however for clients and website admins this elaborate such a large number of unnecessary advances. So it’s truly incredible Google added this element.


To confirm your space possession in Google Search Console, you will require admittance to your facilitating and add a txt DNS record there. Furthermore, toward the finish of this post, you’ll do this regardless of whether you have no clue about what a DNS record is.


Confirming Domain Property in Google Search Console


Here is a video of the cycle in the event that you favor visual substance:


  • Go to Google Search Console.
  • Click ‘Add Property’.
  • Pick Domain and enter your space name
  • Click ‘Proceed’, you’ll be diverted to the following stage.
  • Duplicate the space check TXT record you’ll get
  • Sign into your facilitating. I’ll involve cPanel as an illustration as I’m on GreenGeeks facilitating. You can track down unambiguous data for your facilitating here.
  • Track down Zone Editor under Domains
  • Pick the area you want to check in Google Search Console and snap ‘Make due’.
  • Fill in the other fields with the accompanying data:
  • Substantial zone name – your area name
  • TTL – 3600
  • Text – your check text duplicated in sync 3
  • Whenever you’ve filled in every one of the fields, click ‘Add record’ to save it.
  • Return to Google Search Console and snap ‘Check’.


You can definitely relax on the off chance that your space possession won’t be checked immediately in Search Console.Β 


It might require your DNS records investment to refresh and Google to get them. For my situation, the area was checked in 2-3 minutes. I recently had a go at clicking ‘Check’ a couple of additional times and this is the very thing that I at last got:


It is feasible to add a space property to GSC which as of now has separate forms of a similar site added. So these adaptations won’t be joined together, they will coincide with your new area property. You can see it on the screen capture above.


To check space properties for different GSC accounts, you should add a different DNS record for every one of these records.


The confirmation interaction requires progressed abilities and admittance to DNS records, and that implies you’ll have to have some to and from with the clients to get a space property checked.