Health and technology

Today it is important to follow your health, to take care of your well-being, both for those who work hard and for athletes or students. Your health must be (and actually is) the center of your life, because every part of your life relies on you having good health. That’s why improving the quality of life and lowering the cost of healthcare are two major priorities of today’s society. To achieve these seemingly adversarial objectives, new products, concepts, progress and services are available to support a personalized approach to well-aging and well-being. 

In this section you will find all useful tips to take care of yourself, of your mental and physical health, in particular through the aid of new technologies and modern systems that help today’s users even in their nutrition, brain training and self improvement.

Health and technology: all the online guides and useful apps for your health

Taking care of your health is much more than taking medications and going to doctor’s appointments. They actually play important roles in staying healthy, but they’re not the only aspects to take care of if you really want to stay healthy.

We’re talking about proper nutrition, consistent exercise, getting enough sleep and taking care of your body and mind in general. A good app or a good online guide could be a great way to help you manage it all. Furthermore, even in general medicine and important disease, scientific and technological progress is giving more and more importance to the combination of health and technology (let’s think for example about all the robotic surgery, smart inhalers, wireless sensors, artificial organs and telehealth that nowadays is starting to catch on).

That’s why you’ll find in this section all the latest news about the consistent advances in health and medical fields, their connection to technology and artificial intelligence. And that is not all: you’ll also find the technological aid for taking care of your health that is available for everybody, that is the presentation and the comparison of different healthy lifestyle apps.

Food and nutrition

Trying to actively diet and lose weight can sometimes be extremely difficult, as well as simplifying nutrition labels and finding food that suits your healthy diet. Fortunately, you can download apps that create your food profile with your dietary goals, allergies, dislikes and health concerns; and that is not all: you can also find food recommendations and location awareness tips to find the best products for your diet. In this section you will find all the tips about nutrition, how it affects your health and all the benefits of many healthy foods for vegetarians and meat eaters. Read about all the online guides and webapps that can help you achieve your perfect and healthy lifestyle!

Sport, fitness and movement: keep you fit and healthy

Everyone knows that technology, nowadays, is increasingly finding a place within people’s sport and fitness routine. This is a key aspect in staying healthy, not only going to the gym and doing physical exercise, but also knowing more about our overall wellness. In this section you will find all the latest news, suggestions, curiosities and insights about the world of sport, fitness and physical health, about all the most common and useful fitness tech ranges, from apps and wearable technology to digital fitness platforms and equipment. 

Brain training, self improvement and general well-being

Staying healthy isn’t only about proper nutrition and consistent exercise. It’s also about getting enough sleep, taking care of your brain, of your mind and of your general well-being. In this section you will find all the tips, services, apps and products designed to improve your focus and skills, training programs to maximize your results, holistic approaches to maximize your energy levels, sleep better, be more productive and improve your general lifestyle.