Healthy Recipe Ideas

With exercises, taking care of mental and physical health, or also trying to leave bad habits; many people try to find more and better ways to improve their lifestyle. Food is a fundamental part of this too, although it can be a bit complicated to know where to start and what foods are appropriate.


Let’s look at some delicious recipe ideas that can help you get started, from breakfast, dinner, lunch, and even snacks:


  1. Smashed avocado on sweet potato toast


This is one of the most popular breakfasts, avocado is a very nutritious food which contains about 20 different vitamins and minerals, including vitamins K, C, B5, B6 and E. Also, a high content of folate, fiber and Potassium, which helps lower blood pressure.

Now, sweet potatoes are also very nutritious, with vitamins and antioxidants that help prevent diseases such as cancer and heart disease. This sweet potato avocado recipe is great for breakfast, also very quick and easy to make. You can toast the sweet potato, top it with avocado and if you like, add a little feta cheese, cherry tomato or a little bacon.


  1. Shakshuka


This is a very simple and healthy Middle Eastern/North African egg dish. ‘Shakshuka’ means ‘a mixture’, with tomatoes, peppers, onions and spices and also poached eggs on top. Its preparation is easy and can be done with a frying pan, and you can eat it for lunch or breakfast or even brunch. You can review the video by clicking here with the recipe adding a few more ingredients.


  1. Banana and cinnamon porridge


A very nutritious and economical breakfast, in which you can add more ingredients of your choice so that the porridge has a different flavor. The combination of bananas and cinnamon is delicious, as well as very nutritious with quite a few health benefits, with fiber that helps lower cholesterol levels and improve gut health, as well as antioxidants thanks to the cinnamon that adds a delicious taste.


  1. Moroccan chickpea soup


This dish serves as a healthy and delicious lunch, rich in protein and also easy to cook. Chickpeas are rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber, which help with weight control, digestion, and maintaining bone health. You can also add rice or bread if you wish to add a different touch to the preparation of this recipe.


  1. Jacket potato with chilli


A perfect lunch with potato and chili, the chili takes about 10 minutes to prepare and the potato an hour in the oven. Baked potatoes have many nutrients, which help metabolism and digestion, you can also use sweet potatoes if you want. You can add a vegetable or meat base to the chili, and since it has beans it has a lot of fiber and protein.


  1. Super green spaghetti


A quick and tasty lunch, green spaghetti is a great option. The sauce can be prepared with kale and black cabbage, being a smooth and delicious sauce as well as nutritious for having vegetables, they contain antioxidants, vitamins K, A and C, as well as many B vitamins, which help the immune system, as well It has calcium, iron and manganese. You can add more ingredients to the pasta like cheese, and some protein like salmon or chicken. A recipe that you can cook in 15 minutes, very fast, easy and delicious.


  1. Turkey and vegetable shepherd’s pie


The shepherd’s pie is a very delicious dish, traditionally prepared with lamb, or you can also with turkey to reduce cholesterol and add vegetables. And if you want not to use any meat, you can do it only with vegetables like carrots, peas, potatoes, onions, cauliflower and tomatoes are great options.


  1. Cauliflower tikka masala


This has been a favorite dish, with a creamy curry sauce that is full of flavor and delicious. This dish usually contains a lot of heavy cream, ghee and oil, which doesn’t make it so healthy, however there is a way to prepare it that still makes it delicious and healthy.


You can use coconut milk instead of dairy cream, cashews that have a lot of fiber, protein, as well as copper, magnesium and manganese, which help our body’s energy, brain health, and bones. And since it contains cauliflower, it is very nutritious, it helps with blood pressure, it also helps prevent cancer since it has sulforaphane.


  1. Healthy fish pie


Oily fish has a lot of protein as well as omega-3, this is a dish that usually has ingredients with a lot of fat and calories, such as creamy fillings, butter cakes, cheese and even potatoes, however, it can be modified, using salmon, Mediterranean fish gratins and fish cake with turnip and potato topping. You can check by clicking here this delicious recipe if you want to cook it.


  1. Chia pudding


Chia seeds contain many nutrients, proteins, minerals and antioxidants, as well as fiber and omega-3 fatty acids, which greatly help digestion and diseases such as diabetes or heart disease.


It is not very exciting to eat seeds for snack, however, a pudding made from chia is creamy, and very delicious, it can be eaten for breakfast, dessert or snack. You can also combine it with fruits such as raspberries, coconut cream or even chocolate.


  1. Muesli bars


Containing B vitamins, magnesium, and helping to restore the body’s energy, walnuts are an ideal and delicious snack. You can make your own nut bars with oatmeal and lots of dried fruit, which gives you fiber and vitamins.


  1. Spicy cauliflower bites


Cauliflower is not very nice for a snack, however, it has many vitamins and few calories, antioxidants, fiber, this helps reduce weight, and improves digestion. Instead of eating chicken wings, you can have sriracha-buffalo cauliflower, which are baked instead of fried, reducing fat and calories.