What Is Footgolf? An Introduction To Footgolf

Footgolf has been around for a couple of years yet it is as yet astonishing that many individuals are not even mindful of the game and how to play it. On the off chance that you are one of these individuals, don’t stress as we are here to clear up for you.


As the name recommends, Footgolf is made by consolidating football and golf, however Footgolf is neither thoroughly like football or golf. The game includes kicking a football into an opening in as couple of kicks as could really be expected.


Footgolf involves a similar model as golf, with a fairway, tees, perils, fortifications and 9 or 18 holes of play. Each opening is something similar, similar to the golf scorecard, where you can play in a couple, as trio or a gathering of four. The primary distinctions among Footgolf and golf is the size of the openings, generally more limited fairways and the absence of golf gear. You just need a standard size 5 football and the course you are playing on will give this, be that as it may, you can take your own assuming that you have one.


Footgolf can have a similar clothing standard as golf yet this relies upon the courses rules. Most courses have a more loosened up clothing standard yet players are not permitted to wear football boots (with studs).


It ought to be noticed that Footgolf courses frequently share the fairways on greens, so it is vital to be affable towards golf players. Albeit, the Footgolf openings are away from the golf openings and have their own greens, do whatever it takes not to kick the ball when different golf players are playing their round.


The best thing about Footgolf is that you can play with next to no master practice. It’s perfect for any age and capacity. With Footgolf acquiring in notoriety for its curiosity, newness, comprehensiveness, and entertainment, ensure you get out on the course in 2018.

Why not play today? Utilize our Footgolf Course Directory to look for your closest course.

Footgolf Frenzy are the most exhaustive Footgolf index giving definite data on courses across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.


Footgolf Frenzy offer the capacity to book a round online at probably the most well known courses in the UK. These remember The Notleys and West Park Chelmsford for Essex which offers assortment and challenge. Tudor Park (Barnet) arranged under 1 mile from New Barnet Rail Station and the agreeable and inviting London Footgolf Center which is perhaps of the best course in London.