What does “science” mean nowadays

What does “science” mean nowadays? Knowing that science is the pursuit and the application of knowledge of the natural and social world, we can add in recent years some more specific categories. The most interesting areas of this field, in fact, are now those which involve new technologies, modern artificial intelligences and tools able to improve and develop human abilities and findings, in addition to the whole systematic traditional methodology.

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A specific field of science: artificial intelligence

Even more interesting than the other fields, a specific field of science that has had an increasing interest in recent years is Artificial Intelligence, also known with the acronym AI. For people unfamiliar with this specific field, that is the field of science concerned with the study and the design of intelligent machines, which comes over the simple idea of charismatic human-like computers or robots. AI deals with every aspect all around us, often behind the scenes, in such a common way that we sometimes and no longer consider those techniques and technologies as a form of Artificial Intelligence.

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Science, general medicine and health

Progress in science and artificial intelligence is not only useful for smart devices or modern tools, but it is even more important to have more effective image-based diagnosis, disease detections and risk management in health and general medicine.

In several health-related problems, in fact, this specific field of science can be very useful and achieve good performances through the combination of various AI techniques.

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Space, time and environment: all the different and most interesting fields of science

While progress and inventions go on in the informatic and AI fields, findings and evidence in space, time and environment are still very important for scientists and all the people involved in this field.  

Combining observations, research, spaceship expeditions and combined studies, progress also goes on also in the other areas of science, including studies of space, NASA expeditions, natural phenomena, biology, chemistry, the environment around us and ice melting.

Science innovations and events: all the latest news

Every year, scientists and scientific businesses organise a range of events of all types, from full conferences to private briefings. The most interesting events are the public ones, with the main aim of bringing together the people who really matter in this field, research and industry, both as speakers and as audience. 

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