Sustainable fashion and eco-friendly development

Fashion reflects an era, a country, a culture or a population. Whether they are clothing, art, music, decoration, aesthetics, politics, language, sport, geography, everything… Fashions are made and defused, exclude or embrigant, affect all environments and all fields. We can love it, run away from it, look for it, despise it… But what are we talking about, where does it come from and what are we talking about, where does it come from and what is its purpose?

When we think of fashion, we have in mind the clothing industry, luxury, cosmetics, brands that create and develop accessories to embellish the look… Fashion is also a means of asserting its social status, purchasing power of personality.

Fashion is a way of life, of thinking, specific to an era, to a country, to an environment. It is often seen as superficial or as a way of selling products that the consumer (so you) may feel compelled to buy “because it is fashionable”. Fashion makes it possible to bring together individuals who will go towards the same desires or make the same choices. It conveys values such as change, the ephemeral, the new, the modern, the latest, the original, the highly publicized, elitism, luxury… Fashion is an economic activity because it produces objects, but it is also an artistic activity because it produces symbols. It does not just transform fabric into clothes, it creates objects that make sense to those who wear them.

From the fashion side, in this category you will find articles talking about applications from the world of fashion, body care, all the latest news about fashion events, trends and modern tools.

Sustainable fashion and eco-friendly development

Another interesting aspect of recent years’ fashion is the respect for the environment. Fashion industries offer nowadays eco-friendly brands designed to help you to consume sustainably. This eco-friendly clothing is made from organic, recycled or natural fabrics, because they attach great importance to working conditions and the fair remuneration of workers and craftsmen. All ethical garments sold on their sites are either produced in Europe, in accordance with European labour law, or can justify Fair Trade labels. Another important aspect of this field is transparency, because these factories choose their garments with great attention during a transparency audit, on specific criteria that meet our sustainability charter. They categorically reject brands and clothing that do not meet our ethical and ecological standards.

Fashion e-commerce: fashion apps and modern technologies

In recent years, just as every aspect of our lives, the entire world went virtual, and fashion has been no exception. In this section, you will find all the news about fashion weeks, interviews, runways and even photoshoots relied on technology to ensure everyone’s safety.

All fashion brands have their own apps and there are also a lot of platforms where you can find multiple brands, offers and possibilities to sell and purchase.

Wearable technology: the new era of fashion

Fashion meets technology: and from this fusion there has been a turning point in the evolution of wearables. In this field, smartwatches are taking center stage in this fusion between style and technology, but also smart bands, smart sunglasses or earpods consider more and more the richness and responsiveness as well as the software user experience. Let’s think about all the tools sold by Diesel, Emporio Armani, Fossil, but also Samsung, Apple and Microsoft.

In this section you will find all the latest news, tools, accessories, trends and curiosities about this convergence between fashion and technology, for a perfect combination of style and modernity from a designing and informatic point of view.