How to travel in a smart way

The way of travelling has changed radically in recent years; while the past generations preferred the all-inclusive packages to live their holidays passively and taking it completely easy, today’s travelers love being active both from the very first steps of the organization and during the actual trip. 

To do this in a practical and safe way, technology comes to our aid: in fact, we wouldn’t be able to organize a trip without our smartphones, computers, internet connection, or without the modern maps and orientation systems that have been with us for years now and assist us to better organize our movements. Furthermore, thanks to modern technologies and progress that have made our lives, learning and work more flexible and connected, even while travelling it is now possible not to give up the daily activities that we normally do from home.

Keep reading this section to find all those tips, apps and latest news dealing with the latest trends in travelling, where to travel, the best travelling influencers to follow, all the tips for the organization and planning of a trip, but also all the systems, platforms and technologies that allow you to record, track or simply keep organized all the reservations, memories and activities of a trip.

How to travel in a smart way: popular travel Web Apps and Websites

In the 21st century, the travel industry has moved towards a virtual direction, with nearly 82% of travel bookings around the world being done through web apps. This breakthrough in technology leads to several benefits, starting from the possibility of comparison among the different flights, accomodations and more, the availability of reviews and visual contests that attract more people and ending with the cost-time-and paper saving.

That’s why in this section you will find all the useful tips and apps for organizing and planning your trip: starting from the apps of the airlines (such as the Ryanair, Vueling, Lufthansa, Airline apps and so on), which often give access to more advantageous offers than those available on websites or at travel agencies; you’ll also find all the most common accomodation booking apps, such as Airbnb, Hotels, Booking, Hotel Tonight, Trivago and so on, to discover all the best accomodations that suit your needs; the apps the advise you the eat where to eat and what to visit around the city, such as The Fork or Yelp and many other useful platforms and web apps to organize your trip in an easy, fast and cheap way.

How to live your trips at your best

The way of travelling and staying on holiday has dramatically changed over the last few years. Travel is no longer just a way to exclusively relax and completely disconnect from real life, but it is also an opportunity to make the most of the possibilities that technology gives us in today’s world: that is, to be able to work and study from anywhere in the world, independent of space and time, because tith today’s technologies you can be connected at any time and in any place.

Keep reading this section if you want to know all the latest news and tips about how to keep connected even while travelling, what platforms you can use to keep always connected and to video call in addition to Google Meet, Hangouts, Skype, Microsoft Teams and so on, what are the best tips and suggestions to work and study remotely at your best and much, much more.

How to keep your travel memories alive

If you’re going on a long journey or even on a small trip, you surely have a powerful camera that will take high definition photos, or you will probably also use your camera or your drone to take spectacular videos. Anyway, you will create a database of thousands of files that will represent your most beautiful memories. This base will weigh very heavy, tens, even hundreds of gigabytes. 

In this category you will find out not only the useful apps to store and organize your shots (such as Amazon Photos, Google Photos, iCloud, Dropbox, OneDrive, Tripcast and so on), but also all the creative ways to keep your travel memories alive (for example online services that create personalized postcards for your friends and relatives, printed photobooks, photo calendars, 3D scrapbooks and much more).