What Interrail Pass should I get?

The Pass that you want to choose must depend first of all on where you want to go since this is the most important thing, in the event that your destination is only for one country, the One Country Pass is the ideal one for you to choose along with the destination country you have planned. However, if you want to go to several countries around the world, the Global Pass is the best for you, it allows you to travel to 33 countries in Europe.


The next very important thing that you should think about and take into account is to choose a Pass that is in accordance with the number of days in which you plan to use the European train network, train trips by days, better known as travel days, has a large range, starting from 4 days with a maximum of up to 3 months to travel.


In case you are looking for more comfort and luxury, you can follow this next step, which consists of a First Class Pass. This is the best option for you to get more comfort and luxury. Instead, if the luxuries are not your priority, you can choose the second class, which is the cheapest option and where you can also see all the places you want and enjoy them in a great way.


Also, you can choose between two options to travel, a mobile Pass or a paper Pass. The Mobile Pass offers you a comfortable trip without the need to use papers, without waiting for their deliveries since everything will be sent to your email and you can have it on your mobile or device that you prefer, it is also a great option for your trip is not delayed and you can travel immediately. However, if you prefer you can use the option to travel with a paper Pass, only when you are processing the payment should you choose the ‘Paper Pass’ option, which will take around 10 days to process, in this case it is recommended that schedule your ride ahead of time and order your pass in advance, too.


Is there any promotion?


The answer is yes, you can use the following discounts on Interrail Passes during the year:


  • Youth Pass – Travelers aged 12 to 27 can order a Youth Pass, saving 23% off standard Adult Pass prices.
  • Free travel for kids – Up to two children, aged 0 to 11, they can travel for free with a single adult.
  • Senior Pass – Adults 60 and older get 10% off standard Adult Pass prices.


You can also browse the detail page or homepage to see if there are more exclusive discounts for you.


Which trains are included in the Pass?


The Pass can be used to travel on national rail, and there are private rail options in countries where the Pass you have is valid, as well as some buses and ferries available for your convenience. Some train options also go to the airports, however, you can click here to check the list of trains.


Eurostar, Thalys, TGV and AVE are some of the popular trains included in the Interrail Pass, however you do need a seat reservation.