Entertainment Today

The idea of “Entertainment” usually deals with the concept of doing something we enjoy – alone or with others – to amuse ourselves, to have fun, to spend our leisure time or simply to relax a little bit. Yet, the ways in which we entertain and be entertained have dramatically changed throughout history. All the recreational activities which were common in the past decades (such as reading books, visiting museums and cultural sites, playing sports and so on), have not completely disappeared, but they’ve been mostly replaced by technological progress and devices. They’ve opened a completely new world in which young (but also older) people would spend hours and hours of their free time. Technological evolution has in fact contributed to making amusement more flexible, accessible and comfortable even from our houses. 

In this section you will find all the latest news of this “new world entertainment”, that is all the latest info and tips about the new TV series, video games, streaming platforms and offers, all the opportunities of edutainment and so on. Keep reading and keep always up to date!

Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus and all streaming services

What does “OTT platform” stand for? “Over-The-Top Platforms” are all those streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney Plus, that is the new services that enable users to deliver video and live stream feed to any device connected to the internet. The best streaming services continue to evolve, differently from the past, when Netflix ruled the roost when it came to streaming TV and movies: today, lots of streaming services are new rivals on the table and offer content both old and new for all kinds of genres. 

In this section you will find all the tips and news about streaming services, about their flexibility, their price of subscription and their possibilities of monthly/annual deals, their customization, their range of content, their worldwide accessibility and their mix of originals and syndicated works.

And that is not all: in this section you will also keep up to date with all the latest news of this field, so it will be your source for new TV series and new Movies coming to Netflix, Amazon, Disney Plus and all the streaming services, including release calendars, commentaries and curiosities about the cast, the series and the future predictions.

Videogames and most common consoles 

Nowadays, more than ever, videogames have created an increasing interest among people, drawing the attention and the interest even of a more adult target than the one we had in the past. Like all the other entertainment industries, even the gaming industry is making giant strides, implementing more and more innovations in video games that become more and more immersive, realistic and detailed. Not to mention the game graphics, which in some titles are of such high quality that they could easily be compared to a real movie. 

In this category you’ll be able to find all the latest news of the video gaming world, including retrogaming, the game of the month and all the new functionalities of PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo consoles and so on.


Edutainment is the fusion between “Education” and “Entertainment” and it was coined by Bob Heyman to define his National Geographic documentaries. Explaining it with other words, we could say that it is “educating by playing” and in fact it indicates forms of communication that make learning processes fun. Indeed, there is no doubt that learning by doing, learning in groups, developing an active attitude towards information encourages the consolidation of knowledge.

Nowadays, edutainment (thanks to the development and diffusion of new technologies) has a real exploit. Keep reading the articles and the contents of this section if you’re interested in finding out how to encourage learning in this way, what are the latest news in edutainment, how to make everything more immediate and safer and how to achieve the main goals of edutainment.