All You Need To Know About Qatar World Cup 2022

While the FIFA organization is going through the final arrangements for the beginning of Qatar World Cup 2022, several Middle Eastern countries are literally starting the countdown. Although the tournament is beginning in November, the hosting country Qatar is proud to announce that the organization is brilliantly proceeding as expected.

Why Will The Qatar World Cup 2022 Be In Winter?

Millions of football fans all over the world might think that it’s weird for a FIFA tournament to be in winter. They are actually correct because all previous editions of the World Cup tournament were held in summer. Also, another stunning aspect of this year’s FIFA edition is the location: Qatar, a small Middle Eastern country chosen to host the event for the first time in its history. Let’s add one more fact: FIFA has never set a World Cup event in the Middle East region.

As you can see, the World Cup 2022 comes with plenty of news about the location and time for the development of the FIFA event. Why is that possible? What reasons led the FIFA organizers to choose Qatar as a location and winter as the time of conduct? Sports experts of Casino El Arab wrote all details about Qatar World Cup 2022, explaining why Qatar will host the event and why it will be in winter.Β 

Qatar World Cup 2022 will be held between 21 November and 18 December, when it is wintertime in most countries in the northern hemisphere. But the reason why the FIFA organizers decided this time of the year is quite simple. Qatari summers often exceed 40Β°C (sometimes reaching 50Β°C), which is humanly very hard to play football in such weather conditions. For this reason, Qatar initially proposed hosting the final matches in the summer in air-conditioned stadiums. However, FIFA rejected this plan and chose a different season for the event.

A FIFA World Cup In Winter And Its Impact On European Leagues

That’s how the idea of hosting the tournament in winter came up. During this time of the year, the weather and temperatures are closer to the typical weather in most western countries during the middle seasons, which means more bearable conditions for both the players and the fans. Also, Qatari authorities estimate about 1.5 million fans come to see the matches from foreign countries. Thus, the plan of setting the event during the winter appears as the most sustainable and appropriate for everyone.

Now, a World Cup during the winter season implies its consequences on the development of other football competitions underway. November and December are two busy months for all football clubs in Europe because of tournaments like England’s Premier League, Spain’s La Liga, or Italy’s Serie A. As a consequence, several European football tournaments are being suspended a week ahead of Qatar World Cup 2022 to allow the players to fly to the Middle Eastern country and play with their teams.

How Could Qatar Become A Hosting Country For FIFA 2022?

That’s probably one of the most frequently asked questions all through the world. FIFA has never organized one of its football events in the Middle East, but this edition appears different from the previous experience.

Qatar sent its application as a hosting country early in 2010, and it surprisingly won a ballot to become one of FIFA’s 22 executive countries. Consider that the USA, South Korea, Japan, and Australia also sent their applications… and they were all defeated by the small Middle Eastern country. Although there are some controversies about the salary and living conditions of foreign workers employed in the building of the stadiums for FIFA 2022, Qatar comes up as the official hosting country.

The organization of the world’s most awaited football event is going alright, as local authorities reveal. Seven new stadiums have been already built from zero for the event, while only one has been reconstructed and implemented with advanced technology. All the stadiums are pretty close to the capital city, Doha, so the foreign fans who are planning to fly to Qatar for the event will be able to move from one stadium to the next one comfortably. Also, Qatar has constructed over 100 new hotels for a total of 50,000 rooms plus 9,000 beds in fan villages to host all the foreign fans and a new metro across Doha to serve as the main means of transportation to reach all the stadiums.

It looks like everything is ready for the kick-off of Qatar 2022. The opening day will have four opening matches, different from any other previous FIFA World Cup. The teams involved on the first day will be Qatar vs. Ecuador, Senegal vs. the Netherlands, England vs. Iran, and USA vs. Wales. Qatar 2022 is going to keep all football fans in the world breathless from minute number one!