What if science could eliminate aging? Is this a good option?

Science has wanted to turn aging into a disease, studying the phenomenon of aging they have managed to make discoveries, however, the most important thing is to be aware of this, the aging process is not inevitable and treatments can be developed that slow down or reverse the process, thanks to molecular and cellular mechanisms.


But is this something that humanity likes? the fact of being able to live for many years like some animals? of never getting old and avoiding many deaths from this? There are too many questions about this as some may like the idea but others may not.



The population in the world is very large, and what impacts can this develop? If aging is avoided, there would be too many humans in the world, and taking into account the climate and the exploitation of natural resources, is it a good idea?


Overpopulation not only involves how many of us there are on the planet, it also involves other factors, such as the behaviors that humans have in the world and how this affects both positively and negatively others and our environment.


Taking into account the demographic projections of the United Nations and with a hypothesis that in 2025 the solution to prevent aging with a pill, there would be around 16% more of the world population by 2050.



Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon is one of the investors in this scientific project and his research to prevent aging, we can see that the biggest investors are people with a lot of money, especially those who are in the field of technology, but being the If this project is achieved, will the rest of the population be able to access it?



Metformin and rapamycin are drugs with patents that have already expired but their price is still low and accessible, and with automation and economies of scale, even therapeutic treatments can be accessible to the population.



Taking into account Alzheimer’s syndrome, it is estimated that it costs more than $1,000 billion worldwide, which will rise to $2,000 billion by 2030, and with a large amount of money, drugs can be achieved that are capable of reducing many diseases.



A cynical reason is that, for example, being a millionaire, and having the opportunity to have access to the medicine to prevent aging, is it better to be the first to have it or after many already have a better option with better solutions that have been tested successfully before?


Although aging could be cured, it must be taken into account that people would continue to die for many other reasons, there are still wars, accidents, other diseases and even natural disasters.


Taking into account that the things that most impact a person’s life are the people who are part of it, such as family or friends, if poor health can be avoided and they can also live longer and in good health, it would be a great option not to age.


Anti aging, just drugs


Medications have side effects, or even sociological, economic, ethical effects. For example, the contraceptive pill has meant and contributed a lot to the lives of people, especially women, or antibiotics and vaccines, as well as anti-obesity drugs that have been effective, are becoming a social revolution. and medical.


The ethical implications of new medical treatments must be kept in mind, regardless of whether or not it is a good idea to have a cure for aging and for people to live longer.